Textural Irony Project

For this project I was instructed to take an image and alter it in a way that conveyed a completely different texture than what was originally intended. Examples that were given included Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s portraits made up of fruits and vegetables. (see Implied Texture) To start off I just looked for images that I found interesting; and I settled on this old looking black and white photograph of an abandoned ramshackle house placed seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Originally I had thought of making the piece out of newspaper, but I discarded this as it seemed a bit too true to the original dreary piece. Then I came across a book of pastel flowery wallpapers in class. For the final product I decided to go with a somewhat ethereal white and silver for the clouds, with a contrasting pink for the regular sky, and then a nice pale blue that matched each of the other element’s wallpapers in order to convey shadow.

Here is the original photograph, courtesy of homesteadcabin.wordpress.com:


And here is a scan of the final product:

S-Stanley-Textural Irony


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